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Convergence of Grid Modernization and Sustainability Issues: Electric Vehicle Power Infrastructure
April 26, 2018
12:00 PM - 1:30 PM ET
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Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources
Energy Infrastructure, Siting, and Reliability Committee
Renewable, Alternative, and Distributed Energy Resources Committee

Convergence of Grid Modernization and Sustainability Issues: Electric Vehicle Power Infrastructure

Thursday, April 26, 2018
12:00 p.m. – 1:30 p.m. Eastern
Committee Program Call

Program Description:
The coming emergence of the national use of electric vehicles ("EVs") has the support of manufacturers, utilities, consumers, developers and proponents of sustainable climate change improvement. The current unavailability of necessary supporting power infrastructure for EVs presents a critical challenge to its realization to all these stakeholders. The technology is progressing rapidly on all fronts, and the legal issues have already begun to be come into focus.

The key legal issues affecting the resilient development, technology integration, finance regulation and environmental planning for this potentially significant contributor to a decarbonized environment include:

1. How can the potential for grid modernization and incorporation of innovative technologies like storage and renewables be best tapped by regulators though ratemaking and other regulatory tools?

2. Who will own the process; be required to invest in and pay for the costs of its development and operation, and may share in the benefits from its operation?

3. Which governmental funding, research, exercises of authority at different jurisdictional levels and which private initiatives and governance will best facilitate its sound future financial and environmental development in the energy "interstate highways" and "smart cities" of the future.

The expert speakers' diverse perspectives will provide lawyers as practitioners and policy makers with the informed insights necessary for participation in the shaping of two basic industries, the fostering of numerous innovative entrepreneurial efforts, and the fostering of environmental resiliency.

Roger Feldman, Co-Chair, Energy Infrastructure, Siting & Reliability Committee, American Bar Association
Aaron Levine, Co-Chair, Renewable Alternative Distributed Energy Resources Committee, American Bar Association

Joseph Halso
, Esq., Environmental Law Program, Sierra Club, Denver, CO
Karl Rabago, Esq, Executive Director, Pace Energy & Environmental Center, Pace Law School, New York
Lisa Wood, Senior Vice President, Edison Foundation, Washington D.C.

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