The Crime of Complicity: the Bystander in the Holocaust

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The Crime of Complicity: the Bystander in the Holocaust

  • ISBN: 9781634257312

ISBN: 978-1-63425-731-2
Product Code: 1620735
2017, 232 pages, 6 x 9, hardcover

The Crime of Complicity: the Bystander in the Holocaust is a hard-hitting non-fiction narrative about the author's family's experiences in Hungary and the Netherlands during the Holocaust. Guiora uses his family's story as a frame for discussion about the moral and ethical responsibilities of individuals who are bystanders to horrific events who either choose or don't choose to become involved and assist victims.

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Watch Amos Guiora interviewed on ABC Channel 4 in Utah here.

Read author Amos Guiora's reaction in Newsweek to Sean Spicer's Holocaust comments here.

Read author Amos Guiora's article on the Just Security website here.

Read author Amos Guiora's interview in The Detroit Free Press...

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