Making Partner

ISBN: 978-1-62722-259-4
Product Code: 5190501
2013, 86 pages, 6x9

This book provides practical information and specific advice about how to obtain a position at a top law firm of any size, including AmLaw 100 firms, and how to excel once you are there.

View Adam Gropper's interview How to Thrive as a Law Firm Associate with JD Careers Out There.

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This book is for anyone who is serious about making partner. Whether you want to better understand what law firm partners look for in associates or just want to stand out from the competition Making Partner provides you with a clear pathway past the obstacles to your success, even in the most...
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Andrew Morkes Oct 28, 2014 Report Abuse
This useful, well-organized book provides excellent advice for those considering law school, law school students, and law firm associates. Highly recommended. Reviewed in the CAM Report, Volume 37, Number 2, 2013
Dawn Bohls Jul 18, 2014 Report Abuse
A favorable review of Making Partner: The Essential Guide to Negotiating the Law School Path and Beyond can be found on pages 8-10 of the Summer 2014 issue of Law Library Lights, the quarterly publication of the Law Librarians' Society of Washington, D.C. (LLSDC):
Mohsen Ghazi Jul 1, 2014 Report Abuse
Legal education is often criticized for failing to prepare graduates for the modern practice of law. Adam Gropper's excellent book helps fill this void for not only the aspiring young associate seeking to make partner in a law firm, but for any ambitious professional seeking advancement in their career. Mr. Gropper's book offers specific advice on how one can navigate the increasingly competitive job market, while taking ownership over their career capital. I recommend it without reservation, and look forward to seeing further work from the author in the future.
Brian C Power Jun 23, 2014 Report Abuse
Making Partner is an essential book for any young lawyer looking to take control of his or her career. As a senior associate, I wish I had the benefit of Mr. Gropper's book when I was starting my career. Making Partner is an easy-to-read guide to navigating the beginning stages of a legal career, but would also benefit more-senior attorneys looking for a refresher or transitioning to a new employer or area of practice. In addition, although written with an eye towards law firm advancement, the skills and tips in Making Partner will equally help attorneys looking to join or advance in a government or corporate role. Unlike other books that give vague, general suggestions that are often difficult to put into practice, Making Partner provides detailed, easy to execute tips and ideas for advancing your career, and would benefit any law student or recent graduate looking to start their career off on the right foot.
Nicholas Hooyman Jun 17, 2014 Report Abuse
This is a great book for any young professional who is trying to climb the corporate ladder. While the information is based on the path of a young lawyer who wants to make partner, it is applicable to any young professional in any corporate setting. Mr. Gropper speaks from experience, as he successfully worked diligently to make partner at a Big Law firm. I took many insightful tips out of this book that I am applying right now. First, Gropper's persistent networking skills that he outlines in his book are contagious. Speaking as someone who has a habit of avoiding the whole network scene, he sheds light on the steps you can take to make it less intimidating and more successful. Second, there's a lot of insight into the life of a law firm associate, his/her chances to outshine the competition, and the importance of selling yourself to the firm from the inside. I really liked the candid advice in the book from current partners at big law firms and the no-nonsense truth what it takes to set yourself apart. I really got a sense that your interview does not end when you get the job
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