Making Money Talk: How to Mediate Insured Claims and Other Monetary Disputes


ISBN: 978-1-59031-825-6

Product Code: 4740066

April 2007, 270 pages, 6x9

This book describes models and techniques to help mediators deal with the peculiar problems that arise in traditional bargaining.

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    Making Money Talk: How to Mediate Insured Claims and Other Monetary Disputes
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Item Details:
Learn how to deal with the peculiar problems of traditional bargaining through proven models and techniques that will help you to:
  • Gain a better understanding of the dynamics of money negotiations
  • Identify the recurring problems presented in those cases
  • Acquaint and arm yourself with new tools to...
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Spencer M Punnett II Oct 21, 2014 Report Abuse
Anyone who owns Fisher & Ury's "Getting to Yes" should have a copy of Little's "Making Money Talk" on the same shelf, as a supplement and counterweight. While recognizing that there are instances where shared underlying interests can allow opposing parties to find "win-win" solutions, Little's premise is that many disputes involving money are in fact zero-sum games where settlement will require one party to write a check, and negotiations will mainly be over the size of that check. For those types of mediations, Little supplies guidance that is very insightful, detailed, and extremely practical. For example, Little draws on his decades of experience to discuss at length the signals that the parties' series of offers and counteroffers can convey, and he offers specific advice on how to avoid inadvertent "miscommunication through numbers" that can lead to impasse. Although this book is directed to mediators, I also highly recommend it to lawyers who represent their clients in mediation.
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